Kaja Silverman

I just wrote a post about Kaja Silverman’s book that I’m reading now called The Threshold of the Visible World.  My computer crashed before I could post it (and no I didn’t save it…)  SO I will re-write later when I don’t have to wake up at 5am to go to work the next day.  So for now, you get this:

The Threshold of the Visible World
advances a revolutionary new political aesthetic–Kaja Silverman explores the possibilities for looking beyond the restrictive mandates of the self, and the normative aspects of the cultural image-repertoire. She provides a detailed account of the social and psychic forces which constrain us to look and identify in normative ways, and the violence which that normativity implies. Accounting for these phenomena on both a conscious and an unconcious level, Silverman analyzes the psychic and textual conditions under which our “field of vision” can be expanded.

The title of this book is taken from Lacan’s essay on the mirror stage. In that text, Lacan writes that “the mirror-image would seem to be the threshold of the visible world.” He thereby suggests that the visible world has no existence as such until the infant subject has access to an image of self. Lacan intimates that the mirror provides the frame through which one relates to others within the domain of vision, stressing the priority of narcissism and the ego over all other libidinal transactions.”

and this:

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