La Poupée

“To compensate for [the lack of an organ to identify the Self with] and to serve her as alter ego, she is given a foreign object: a doll.  It should be noted that the word poupée (doll) is also applied to the bandage around a wounded finger; a dressed-u p finger…” (278)

La Poupée“It is by doing that he creates his existence, both in one and the same actions.  In woman, on the contrary, there is from the beginning a conflict between her autonomous existence and her objective self, her ‘being-the-other’; she is taught that to please she must try to please, she must make herself object; she should therefore renounce her autonomy.  She is treated like a live doll and is refused liberty.” (280)

Simone De Beauvoir


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October 7, 2012 · 9:45 pm

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