Braille Without Borders

Sabriye Tenberken and her husband, Paul Kronenburg are really amazing. They started a school in Tibet called Braille Without Borders. Blindness in Tibet is very stigmatized- which is true in the USA too, but in Tibet it’s a bit different. The general attitude is that those who are blind have bad karma or are possessed by demons. They’ve done something bad in a past life and are being punished with the curse of blindness…something along those lines. Or so Rosemary Mahoney reports in For the Benefit of Those Who See.
After Braille Without Borders got on its feet Tenberken and Kronenburg opened another school in Kerala. The mission of this school is to help “social visionaries” from all over the world achieve their dreams. That is, any person that has a revolutionary idea that needs a little help or training to achieve their goals could be accepted. Maybe the person applying is from a region without any formal place that children who are blind can be educated and the applicant wants to learn ways to establish funding to build a school, get materials, etc… All participants have some idea that improves the lives of the people in their communities and they need a little help push it into reality.
What an amazing couple, Tenberken and Kronenburg.
Check out the Kanthari school.



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